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Drupal Give

Kafei Interactive Inc. gives back to the Drupal community.

We Use Drupal

Ryan Weal is a Drupal association individual memberOur websites and systems are based on mature, well-known, publicly available software. Drupal is our coding platform of choice and we build on stable Linux-based servers.

By offering these tools we can offer long-term stability and support for your systems while still providing as much control over content as required by your organization. We are well researched on trends in the Drupal Community. We give back to open source communities with our support, bug reporting, and code contributions.

Our Contributions

Here are some contributions from our principal consultant, Ryan Weal, from latest to oldest contributions:

DrupalCon & Drupal Core

  • Attended Drupal 8 multilingual initiative (#d8mi) code sprint at DrupalCon
  • Drupal 8 core language negotiation documentation
  • Drupal 8 core field API documentation

Montréal DrupalCamp & D8MI Requirements Gathering

  • Montréal DrupalCamp planning committee member
  • Attended Drupal 8 multilingual initiative (#d8mi) code sprint at Montréal DrupalCamp
  • Montréal DrupalCamp volunteer (maybe you met me at the check-in table?)

Module Building

  • Drupal 6 author of Node Tasklist (makes a block of the node editor form)
  • Drupal 6 WWSGD maintainer
  • Drupal 6 author of Translation Wysiwyg module
  • Drupal 6 author of Translation Interface module
  • Drupal 6 author of Translation Enabler module

Helping Explain Things (particularly bugs!)

  • Drupal 7 - various bug reports in the issue queues
  • Drupal 6 - lots of issues filed against IMCE-related modules, Filefield (and variations), Wysiwyg and more
  • Blog posts at

You can follow Ryan Weal on twitter @ryan_weal for Drupal updates and/or on StatusNet if you want to know how much coffee he drinks every day.