At Kafei Interactive we give priority to projects where we can share the results of the work with the Drupal community.

Client Project Community Benefit

Linux Foundation (various projects)

  • Reviewed and revised migration templates for migrating content into the new iteration of Linux.com.
  • Implemented the theme for one version of the OpenDaylight website.
  • Support and maintenance work on Collaborative Projects sites.
  • Created an updated contrib patches where necessary to support Linux Foundation initiatives.
  • Migrated numerous open source projects onto Drupal.

McGill University

  • Contributed to the design and implementation of migrate templates to move 500+ Drupal 6 sites into Drupal 7.
  • The migrate_webform module was created for this project and released on drupal.org.
  • Support for revisions in migrate module was extended and documented.
  • The media and media_gallery modules received patches to improve entity_translation support.

InterRAI Catalog

  • Migrated a Drupal 5 Übercart site into a new Drupal 7 Commerce site.
  • Additional migrations were added to commerce_migrate_ubercart to handle things like Payments which were previously unsupported.

Jazz Education Network

  • Migrated a Drupal 6 Übercart site into a new Drupal 7 Commerce site.
  • The commerce_migrate_ubercart module was refactored to use the migrate api for 2.5/2.6 and up.

Earley Information Science

  • For this long-time client we have implemented and re-implemented the site many times over the years. The current rendition of the site makes use of ApacheSolr search and taps into the power of Drupal's taxonomy system.
  • Reviewed patches for apachesolr and other modules.