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Drupal Give

We Use Drupal! Here are some of our contributions

Here are some contributions from our principal consultant, Ryan Weal.

Drupal Sprint Cards

After DrupalCon Austin we created some Sprint Cards (PDF) that can be used to introduce new users to contributing to core. These cards are formatted as double-sided business cards so you can get them printed at a local shop - quick and cheap!

DrupalCon & Drupal Core

  • Mentor at DrupalCon Austin
  • Contributor to Migrate-in-Core for D8
  • Drupal 8 multilingual initiative (#d8mi) code sprints at DrupalCon Denver, Portland and Austin
  • Drupal 8 core language negotiation documentation
  • Drupal 8 core field API documentation

Montréal Drupal Community

  • Founding member of Association Drupal de Montréal (local entity that hosts DrupalCamp)
  • Involved in planning DrupalCamps, local demo nights, and sprints

Module Building

  • Drupal 7 maintainer of Commerce Migrate Ubercart module
  • Drupal 7 author of Migrate Webform
  • Drupal 7 patch contributor to Media module (to support Entity Translation)
  • Drupal 7 author of Entity Translation Tabs
  • Drupal 6 author of Node Tasklist (makes a block of the node editor form)
  • Drupal 6 WWSGD maintainer
  • Drupal 6 author of Translation Wysiwyg module
  • Drupal 6 author of Translation Interface module
  • Drupal 6 author of Translation Enabler module



Let's connect!

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IRC: weal