We are Kafei Interactive

Your Web Services Department

Our team of freelancers work with you to build and manage your organization’s web properties. We work primarily with businesses and non-profit organizations. Our clients range in size from small teams to large multinational enterprises.

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Digital experiences for every device

We don't just build websites. We do offline applications, desktop applications, all sorts of things... using web technologies suitable for all devices.

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Performance-focused web development

We optimize for fast load times on all connections internationally. Our sites perform well in India and Austrailia, just as they do in San Francisco and New York.


A small and nimble team

We keep our team small - and grow it with the project. Many software development teams recommend 2-5 people per project, so we aim for that. If projects get larger we split into multiple teams if necessary.

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Delivering Business Value

Other agencies upsell by leaving out features and hoping you will come back for more. Since we do not work on “bounty” projects there is no temptation to do this. If we have the time and budget and during a meeting someone comes up with a cool new idea, great! Let’s include it.

delivering business value

Tools we use:

  • Web technologies:
  • - Static websites ♥♥♥
  • - Svelte.js consulting ♥♥♥
  • - Node.js APIs and form systems ♥♥♥
  • - Data migrations
  • Dev-ops support:
  • - Database administration
  • - Docker orchestration
  • - Nginx support
  • - DNS/Bind configuration
  • - Version control and automation

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We are only "online" during business hours, New York timezone. Replies are typically within 24h.