We've moved to Saskatchewan!

Kafei Interactive Inc. has moved our head office from Quebec to Saskatchewan.

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Kafei Static (front-end framework) 2022-2024

Kafei Static is a JavaScript-based front end tool with a fast build process that produces quality pre-rendered HTML.

One of the key features of Kafei Static is our simple 6-point animation system. Using our "slide-in" component you can choose to animate any HTML "in from" the top, bottom, left, right or center, and set a delay when it will come into frame.

Unlike most other animation systems, you will not see a ghost of the final rendering before animation starts to happen. Additionally, if JavaScript is not enabled, you will ONLY see the finished, with no animation was offered at all. A truly refined experience.

Kafei CMS-API (back-end framework) 2018-2024

What's our secret recipe for our projects? Our robust API back-end and CMS!

We have developed a minimalist system that enables developers to create database systems quickly, securely, and with minimal server overhead.

Many of our projects have been using our CMS-API project for years.

Kafei Plateau (hosting platform) 2016-2024

As we have watched the "Drupal platforms" gradually rise in price we have quietly been working on our own platform (for Node.js APIs, front end sites, and Drupal legacies) that has now been in production for many years.

Our platform is easy to maintain and self-corrects when things go wrong. Optimized for performance, we can reduce hosting costs to the absolute minimum while still maintaining performance and security.

Animate Charity "Donation Page" (Client Project) 2023

We manage a charity's donate page that has gone through many iterations. First from vanilla JavaScript and HTML, to Vue.js, and now to Svelte. The page features a timed loading process with very subtle animation similar to this page you are looking at now. The site features perfect prerendering, with all content in the final state if JavaScript is not enabled.

Search without a server (Client Project) 2022

We developed a custom search for our client that is completely serverless! The index is pre-rendered and delivered to the client when they arrive on the search page. The results are grouped by content type, searchable by taxonomy/tag and by keyword. The search app also features dynamic image loading strategy to deliver heavy assets for maximum re-use.

Drupal 8 to Infinity and Beyond! (Hosting Project) 2021-2024

You won't believe it...

We use our Kafei Plateau hosting platform to preserve old sites still in operation. In one case we have an old Drupal 8 site still running in production with no code updates since 2021!

When you only use only Drupal core and no community modules it does still work!

Running on a single host, it costs about $5-6/month to run. Even though it is "unmaintained" it has only had a few 1-3 minute outages, about once a year, and it has auto-recovered perfectly every time. Not bad for depreciated software that should have been replaced years ago!

Newer versions of Kafei Plateau reduce the amount of time (and need) for recovery.

Kafei in the Museums: JavaScript Projects (Various Client Projects) 2017-2023

We've subcontracted for a couple of the world's best-known museums! Fortunately we didn't have to spend all of our time on the RFPs and approvals.

One of the projects was the software for an interactive kiosk. Some others we did were considered "online exhibits".

We really love the museum projects. If you're a curator of a museum, or if we've worked with you in the past, get in touch!

Small Business e-Commerce (Various Client Projects) 2008-2024

For many years (including prior to our incorporation in 2011) we have supported sites using "Drupal Commerce" and it's cousin "Ubercart". We manage these sites and help with PCI compliance.

We no longer offer "new" Drupal-based commerce sites due to the community shift in 2016 to focus on "big business".

In 2024 we are offering a new low-cost e-Commerce platform for hobby projects.

The Drupal Migrations (Various Client Projects) 2012-2018

One thing we were widely known for was doing 100s of Drupal Migrations in the 2010s. We contributed to the Drupal Migration modules and participated in community events.

Small Business & Portfolio Websites 2008-2014, 2020-2024

Our longest-running service is helping small businesses with portfolio sites and contact pages.

We love working with small organizations.