We've moved to Saskatchewan!

Kafei Interactive Inc. has moved our head office from Quebec to Saskatchewan.

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Web Services

Front-end Website & App Development

In 2017 we embarked on a quest to remaster the front-end. Since then we have built things that we never could have imagined in JavaScript! In 2021 we took on some interesting animation work and conquered loading process animation (goodbye page jank... forever!). That project was built with SvelteKit, but we eventually hit the wall... and so began our adventure into custom Vite-based builds (while still using Svelte.js).

If you are interested in running Svelte.js outside of SvelteKit, you might want to try out our starter kit repo, vite-plugin-ssr-svelte, which will get you "just the minimum" needed to make a static site (this site is based on it).

In 2023 we moved all of our Vue and Svelte.js projects to this Vite + Svelte.js configuration as it seems to deliver the ultimate compile-time performance and stability. Hosting and custom builds on 512MB of RAM in 2024? Yes it is possible.

Why Us? Look at the things we do:

  • Expertise with Svelte.js, SvelteKit, and custom Vite+Svelte builds
  • Build process and webhook optimization
  • Correct prerendering for best SEO
  • Fix "janky" page loading problems
  • Tasteful viewport animations
  • Simple methodology for animation planning
  • Visual parity between "no-JavaScript" and "animation-complete" versions of site
  • Assistance with PCI compliance and accessibility (a11y) standards
  • Search, taxonomy, and metadata solutions
  • Marketing/Landing pages & Donation pages
  • Feeds and APIs for alternative forms of access
  • Minimalist hosting configurations
  • Migrations to Svelte.js
  • Data migrations and automated imports
  • Gated content / virtual (optionally search-indexable) paywall content
  • Multilingual (i18n) sites to meet every requirement
  • Custom visualizations and reports with filtering, sorting, and exports
  • Custom business & ecommerce workflows
  • Custom-built frameworks for your unique problems

APIs, Databases & Distributed Systems

Our business started in the Content Management Systems space and we continue to work with web "documents" but try to shy away from using relational data systems so we can deploy content to a distributed document store.

In a distributed system, if you have multiple servers and one goes down, nobody should need to urgently know about it, nor should the admin have to stop their life to get it going again. It will just keep going until the janitor passes by.

We build so that our containers could run with a big vendor using all the fancy orchestration tools, but we also run autonomously on commodity hardware. Or in web functions or edge functions. Etc.

We believe in the philosophy that a team of 3 developers should be able to manage a fully-scaleable system. So distributed data system is the only answer. Some thinking and planning needs to be done upfront, but the benefit is in the peace of mind and stability that comes from forethought.

Does it need to cost a fortune though? Apache Cassandra setup and support may cost a bundle but don't forget documents can be stored in many distributed systems, such as git. We can help you evaluate the scale of the tasks you need done and help pick an appropriately priced runtime solution for your datastore.

Recent offerings

  • Database schema development
  • ScyllaDB, Apache Cassandra distributed data evaluation
  • Sqlite & Fossil
  • Migration planning
  • Data migration implementations
  • Content type and field mapping
  • Schema-based API implementations
  • Git-as-a-database document solutions
  • CSV, XML, TSV import/export
  • Hosting and platform migrations
  • Move your site to Digital Ocean

Web Maintenance

Unlike most other vendors in our industry we prefer to build and support your project on an ongoing basis after the project is complete. We build things to be maintainable so upgrades are easy and new features can be added as we go.

Typical Ongoing Maintenance

  • Help diagnosing misbehaving APIs and gateways
  • Applying security updates
  • Routine module and systems updates
  • Monitoring and automated testing
  • Implementing compliance, performance and security recommendations
  • General editing support (for our point of contact on your team)
  • Custom development tasks that fit within maintenance budget