We've moved to Saskatchewan!

Kafei Interactive Inc. has moved our head office from Quebec to Saskatchewan.

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Our Team

Small-scale, real people

At Kafei Interactive, everyone is a professional consultant. We each run our own businesses and we work together on projects.

Our management process is the same as our client process. Billed hourly, as time and materials, so we can optimize our business and yours!

Real People

Ryan Weal
Software Developer
Databases, JavaScript, Linux
Principal Consultant
Marc Poulin
Production Assistant
Part-time freelance
JavaScript & Linux

Join Us!

Do you think working with Kafei will be a good fit for you?

We are looking for other developers who can help us support some small & mid-sized websites that we manage. We regularly have some front-end updates that are usually small updates, and we also have various back-end systems that we enjoy building and maintaining as well.

Here are some key traits we are looking for:

  • Self-employed / freelance / contractor only (no agencies, PLEASE. Seriously.)
  • Looking for "minimal" hours, remotely, to offset your other project work (maybe 2-10h per week?)
  • Able to track your time, invoice monthly, and receive wire transfer payments.
  • Based in Canada, United States, or Mexico ideally (USMCA/NAFTA zone preferred)
  • Into problem-solving, brainstorming, and dev ducking together (on Zoom, Google Meet, etc)
  • Experience with JavaScript programming, maybe some PHP? Tell us about what else you know about!
  • Business-friendly, logical, and professional mindset(s) required.

We strive to maintain a positive environment and we also understand the cold realities of software development at the same time. That is why we are focused on having a small team of serious contractors to partner with, so that tasks are manageable, not over-managed, and not over-artchitected. So we can all be better developers. Clients choose us because they get to work with us directly. We are not swapping people in and out of projects. We are loyal and we deliver.

Does this sound like you? If so, please reach out to start a conversation with us!