We've moved to Saskatchewan!

Kafei Interactive Inc. has moved our head office from Quebec to Saskatchewan.

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Kafei Interactive provides quality cost-effective solutions for your web projects.

We minimize complexity for long-term success:

  • Custom "multi-cloud" solutions with redundancy and distributed data.
  • Tasteful page load experiences without React loading animations everywhere.
  • Support for PCI, accessibility, internationalization, and other compliance initiatives.
  • Small team architecture: global-scale systems managed by individuals.
  • Maintenance hours available on a month-to-month basis.
  • Remote-only since always.

Modern Full-Stack Solutions

✓ Component-based web apps powered by Svelte and Vue.js
✓ Static rendered HTML and CSS, full SEO friendly prerendering
✓ Accessible and minimal/no JavaScript websites
✓ Node.js API services, microservices, cloud functions
✓ Distributed data systems, database design and maintenance, data migrations & ETL processes
✓ Webhooks, automated testing, and CI solutions
✓ Multi-cloud & "headless" deployments
✓ Fast and reliable builds with Vite and Docker
✓ Multilingual sites with sophisticated fallback modes